What is Reiki/History of Reiki?

Mikao Usui (pictured) is credited as the founder of Reiki, it is widely thought that this form of healing has been around for centuries and that Usui rediscovered this in the late 1800s. The legend is that Usui studied allopathic medicine until he became ill and struggling to live, Usui had a spiritual awakening and it led him to join a monastery. While studying Usui discovered a method of healing that had been used for centuries it included hand positions and symbols that could be used. Usui felt he needed more awareness to effectively use it and began to look inward and develop his meditation practice. Going on a spiritual quest Usui took a 21 day trip to Mt. Kurama (fasting & meditating) at the end of the 21 days Usui set the intention that he was open to seeing things clearly - a bright light flashed above and came towards him, beaming through his forehead and is thought to experienced enlightenment during this time. While Usui walked back down the mountain he hurt his foot, and placed his hand on the injured area and witnessed the bleeding stop and the pain fade away! While traveling Usui stopped and preformed Reiki and healed people, once back at the monastery he was able to heal his superior who was in pain with arthritis.